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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Banana chips

Cẩn thận khi nấu đường nha ... phỏng rồi đây này.
Làm theo công thức ở đây

green plantain bananas
1-2 cups oil
5 tablespoons water
1 tablespoon salt butter
1 cup sugar

Method-Banana Chips
0.18***peel the bananas
1.03***sliced thin
1.36***medium heat ,add bananas till crispy fried
2.32***sprinkle with salt ...finished ...this is call banana chips

3.08***Method-Sweet banana Crisps
3.11***fry bananas same befor about 4-5 bananas
3.27***remove from pan ,drain excess oil
3.30***add sugar,water with low heat
3.36***boiling sugar until sticky
3.40***boiling in short time ,add butter
3.47***very low heat now,add crispy bananas
3.56***use 2 spades of frying pan mix so quicky
4.17***mix until syrub cover all
4.26***turn off the heat
4.39***stop mixing ,,this step if still mixing ,it will return too sugar powder ,,sugar powder
will not catch with bananas
4.46***syrup will became crystallize and crispy ..

Chúc mọi gia đình được no ấm!

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