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Friday, December 5, 2014

Dough Rising Basket

Price: $33.99
A brotform bread basket allows dough to rise into a striking textured rib loaf with a crunchy golden crust. Following century-old European tradition, the basket is woven from natural cane and can also be used as an artisanal serving piece.  

Product Imformations:
  • This 8" round, ribbed brotform basket allows dough to rise beautifully into a textured, coil loaf with a crunchy golden crust
  • Helps dough maintain a uniform shape for better rising
  • Basket can also be used as an artisanal serving piece
  • Made of natural cane to follow century-old European tradition
  • Hand wash in warm water
  • Imported
This tiny video clip shows you what to do with a brand new banneton / proofing basket before using it for the very first time.
It is important to prepare your banneton before use to avoid dough sticking incidents but above all to get great looking loafs! This is especially true for bannetons made of wicker but you can also use this method for your wood fibre proofing baskets.

Hôm nay đi vô Goodwill với chị bạn ... mình lại tìm được 1 cái hay ... 2 hôm trước cầm ngắm nghía ở Sur La Table cái rổ mây này mà chưa dám mua ... nay mua có 1.99$ thôi nè.  Thích thì thôi !!!

Chúc mọi gia đình được no ấm!

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